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Marcia Basciano DDS,
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Practicing Biocompatible Dentistry Since 1983


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Marcia Basciano, DDS, Downers Grove, IL dentist, is certified in SMART – the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. She has the distinction of being the first Illinois member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to earn this certification. Dr. Basciano has an ongoing commitment to continuing education, particularly in the field of biocompatible dentistry. SMART Certification adds yet another service she can provide to benefit her patients.

Amalgam fillings have been in use for many years. While they are generally strong and long-lasting, they may wear or break, requiring them to be replaced. Additionally, in some cases, the tooth structure beneath an amalgam filling may decay, requiring the removal of the filling for the decay to be treated. If you have a mercury amalgam filling that needs to be removed or replaced, contact our office for an appointment. Dr. Basciano will protect your health by using her SMART training to remove your amalgam filling safely and completely.

Mercury amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, contain as much as 50% mercury and can be highly dangerous to remove without proper training. Mercury exposure can occur through improper removal of amalgam fillings or through other sources, such as eating fish. When mercury is allowed to build-up in the body over time, it can lead to tissue damage to the brain, the kidneys, and other vital organs.

Simply drilling out a mercury amalgam filling can release high levels of mercury vapors and particles that could be inhaled. This is potentially harmful to you and your dental team alike. By using SMART, Dr. Basciano is able to remove your mercury amalgam fillings without endangering your health or that of the dental team.

SMART refers to both the safety standards and technique established by the IAOMT for the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings. SMART requires specialized coursework covering the dangers of mercury and the proper methods of its safe removal. Moreover, the SMART curriculum provides instruction in the rigorous standards necessary for the safety of patients, doctors, and other dental personnel.

If you are concerned about the condition of your old mercury amalgam fillings, contact our office to have Dr. Basciano check them for wear or cracks. If you need a mercury amalgam filling removed, Dr. Basciano’s SMART certification makes her the clear choice for safe filling removal. Additionally, our practice has been providing safe alternatives to mercury amalgam fillings since 1983. Contact our office for an appointment.