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Marcia Basciano DDS,
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Practicing Biocompatible Dentistry Since 1983

About Us

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Welcome to the dental practice of Dr. Marcia Basciano. We value your trust in us.

Dr. Marcia Basciano

Dr. Basciano received her undergraduate degree from Loyola University and her dental degree from the University of Illinois in 1978. With membership in several dental organizations, she consistently exceeds the required continuing education hours. A member since 1984, Dr. Basciano served as past president and received the highest level of certification, Master, with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. She is a long time member of the Academy of General Dentistry and also holds membership with the American Association of Women Dentists.

Dr. Basciano is the first Illinois member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) to earn certification in SMART – the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

Patients often ask what it is like to be a dentist. I love going to my office and working with an amazing group of experienced team members. Of course we have a beautiful office and high tech equipment, but what excites me is that we make a difference in peoples’ lives with our personal care.

We value the personal needs of each patient and strive to fulfill those needs
with a caring touch.

We take the time to listen to your medical and dental history as well as your and wishes before any treatment is discussed, whether it is a poor experience elsewhere or unique health issues.

Community Minded

According to the EPA, dental offices were found to have been the source of 50% of all mercury pollution entering publically-owned treatment works in 2003.

Dr. Marcia Basciano DDS Office

Amalgam separators can successfully reduce the amount of mercury discharge in wastewater from dental offices and are essential in stopping mercury from entering the environment. Although a great many municipalities throughout the US and the world require this equipment to be installed on a dental office sewer line, the Chicagoland area is still without this legislation. Therefore, less than 5% of dentists have such equipment. Because we are concerned about our community, in 1990, our office worked with Rebec Systems in testing different prototypes. We have had a mercury separator in place since that day.

Dr. Basciano has lectured extensively on environmental concerns to dentists, as well as assisted environmental groups and wastewater engineers. Finally, changes are being made.

Mercury Safe” not “Mercury Free” is the important phrase today

Over 70% of general dentists no longer use mercury-silver amalgam fillings but 100% of general dentists will need to remove the mercury-silver amalgam fillings on a daily or weekly basis.

During removal, the dentist, dental assistant, and patient are exposed to high levels of mercury vapor and particles unless precautions are taken. The vapor can even build up in the dental office over time.

Precautions our practice takes include the use of special high speed suction equipment, a room suction device, an alternative air source for the patient during removal, and protective respirators for the staff.

Gluten Aware

Our dental team wants our patients who suffer from celiac disease, those that are gluten sensitive, and those who wish to avoid gluten to know their dental team is gluten conscious as well.

We can now offer gluten awareness dental procedures. Based on information from our suppliers, we know which of our products are either certified to be gluten free and which products gluten is not used in the manufacturing process but not tested for gluten content.

Gluten can be ingested or absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth (unlike the skin).

Basciano and Associates dental office has practiced mercury free, mercury safe since 1983, and latex free dentistry since 2000.

We would like to thank the manufacturers of the 87 products for their professional cooperation.


The sugar substitute Xylitol often found in chewing gum is a great way to combat decay and provide moisture for those with dry mouth. But it also can be toxic and hazardous to your pets! Check out the graphic below that shows the increasing number of products that may contain Xylitol today. You can read more about the dangers to your pets here.
Xylitol products

Acidity of Food and Drinks

Modern diets and eating habits can increase your tooth enamel’s exposure to acid erosion. Every day foods and drinks, such as fruit juice, sports drinks and wine can contain acid which can soften your tooth enamel. This softened enamel is more easily worn away, becoming thinner over time.

pH is not the only factor to take into consideration when looking at acid erosion. A drink may have an acidic pH but have relatively few hydrogen ions present (what makes acid “acidic”). Drinks with a high titratable aciditiy are difficult for saliva to neutralize and are therefore potentially damaging to the teeth. This means a drink with a higher titratable acidity value may cause more erosion than a drink with a smaller value. See the chart below to view the pH and titratable acidity of some common foods and drinks.
Acidity graph

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